A Walk with Layla

It was a cool breeze, no-mosquito day after an all-night, make-ya-sleep-like-a-baby rain. Layla pranced out the door in her Pumas.

Acorns lined the driveways and sidewalks. The temptation was too much for her to bear. She walked, stopped and squatted to grab the glowing green ones and even the black ones.
That meant I was in the background with a chorus of “No, uh uh” and “Put that down” and “Get up!”

We walked around to Dulles Avenue. She merrily meandered without even holding my hand. She fell in a tiny puddle on her butt, got up and kept going. Then she knelt to grab at the grass.
When that stopped entertaining her, she leapt into the wet grass and crawled toward Dulles like a hyena through a savanna.
Then we went home, drank milk and took a nap.

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