Kerala – God’s Own Country (And Mine)

I thoroughly, seriously love Kerala. Rubber trees. Mangoes. The muthy men selling the tastiest fish on their bikes on the road next to your house. The smoky fires from burning leaves or cooking in chimneys. Palm trees that grow like grass. The unrelenting sounds of insects and animals at night outside your bedroom. The power going out inevitably and unpredictably. Some of the most educated, diasporic people on earth.

Things everyone knows about Kerala (and you should too):

  • 97 percent literacy rate. Everyone and their amachi can read.
  • Amazing social development that is studied by scholars – poverty reduction, health care, education and gender relations are impressive
  • 31.8 million people (This little state has more people than Iraq, 3x more than Greece!)
  • Lush, tropical forests with medicinal plants
  • Religious co-existence: Hindus, Christians, Muslims
  • Activist/author Arundhati Roy grew up in Kerala

Kerala is full of avid bloggers. Keep up!

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  1. davematt says:

    Good post, made me nostalgic 🙂

    DM (

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