{Before: Sheena T Oommen | After: Sheena T Abraham}

A bookworm who loves hammocks and homegrown tomatoes, I work on all kinds of projects, especially public relations/storytelling/fundraising for tech startups and nonprofits, and snapping photos of people, places and things.

My foray into social media began with Friendster, which helped me discover offline connections that would never have occurred without an online kick start. I was the Houston ambassador of Greenlight Community, a nationwide movement focused on relationship-building. One of the coolest things I’ve ever done is teach an adult ESL class with the Fort Bend Literacy Council. I was once part of The Burger Commitee, finding the best-tasting hole-in-the-wall burger spots around town.

I am big fan of UH and The Honors College and completed my Master’s in Public Administration a few years ago.

I started this blog as a newlywed and new homeowner. Now I’m immersed in life with my two kids.

I love life as a Keralite-American, breathing in the best of both worlds!

Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

My all-time favorite video:

Gary Vaynerchuk – Do What You Love (No Excuses)


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