My City’s Better Than Your City

Business site just named Houston the No. 1 city to live, work and play. We’re getting some well-deserved national recognition! Forbes, in 2006, recognized Houston as one of the best places for businesses and careers.

Things I like about Houston:

  • University of Houston – most diverse institution nationwide, and it gave me some of the best years ever
  • Climate – It doesn’t get cold! I think this brings a lot of tropical immigrants, like my parents.
  • Visual and performing arts scene
  • Huge South Asian population
  • Cool festivals and events like ArtCrawl
  • Easily navigable highways (by my account, anyway)
  • World’s largest medical center
  • Astronauts in your backyard
  • Coffee shops like Inversion and Brasil
  • Restaurants like Market Square Bar & Grill, Riva’s, Niko Niko’s, and the list goes on…
  • Cheap housing!
  • Friendly folks
  • A different language at every corner

What are your favorite things about our grand city?

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