My Favorite Feature of the New Kitchen

The absolute last thing I would have ever considered in the kitchen redesign was the range hood. When we were shopping for a new stove, the salesperson got us up to speed on the importance of picking the right one. Apparently, their power is measured in CFMs. Builder grade range hoods might be 200 CFMs….

Where Do You Even Begin When Designing a Kitchen?

Pinning down a new look for a kitchen is an overwhelming exercise, especially when you don’t have a ton of experience in designing spaces like this. Here is what we did. This is a quickly written diary for me to remember the process and nitty gritty details. 1. We began by extensively looking at our…

13 Years of Wedded Bliss

Thirteen is my lucky number, and that’s how long Sajan and I have been in holy matrimony. When we got married, we decided in our daily actions and decisions that he would always consider me and I would always consider him. Below are just a few random highlights. It’s been 13 years of fun, deep…

I could watch village cooking all day

I love watching old school, traditional, village cooking videos. You get to see how all over the world there are so many similarities in traditional cooking. Ingredients are pulled from the earth, hand ground, and cooked over a fire. This is how food is meant to be known. I’ve seen an Italian nonna use a…

Art therapy

I keep a steady stock of blank canvases in the house. Every now and then we grab some and start painting. Every time, it’s therapeutic. I have a collection of all our paintings over the years and love to see how they evolve. Lately, Layla has been into ombré patterns. Ezra is into nature scenes….

It All Started With a Muffin Top (My Nutrition Reset)

I wrote this in October 2020. Thought I’d go ahead and publish it now. 😊 This week, a switch went off in me. I think it was triggered by the fluffy muffin top that surprised me in a pair of favorite pants I wore for the first time in a while. I mentally committed to…

It was a garden vegetable day

Today, the kids picked two turnips from my mom’s garden. I sautéed them and added rosemary, dill, and green onions from my backyard. Then I planted the leftover tops in my backyard. I sautéed and ate most of the leaves, and I must say, they were gross. My in-laws dropped off cauliflower from their yard….

“I do not like writing.”

“I do not like writing… It’s serious soul work.” My friend Brenda recommended I listen to an interview of Ekemini Uwan, and those words of hers stuck out to me. When it comes to writing for behavior change/marketing/commerce, I’ve worked that muscle so hard, I can do it with little friction and a repeatable process….

Caterpillar Killing Spree

I spent much of my Sunday murdering tent caterpillars with a proprietary spray formula I created. No lie — I must have killed a thousand. They’ve infested my neighborhood like never before. Every hour it seems I would go out and kill kill kill. The kids even rode their bikes on the driveway to smush…

We visited the ocean

On Saturday my mom invited us to her church picnic, so we all headed to Quintana Beach. If you can overlook the very brown water, it was a fun experience. The feeling and sound of waves rushing over you is beautiful and relaxing.