How to Survive an Interstate Wedding Weekend

Two weddings, two states, one jam-packed day.

We made it to Hobby in the nick of time to fly to Oklahoma City, land of cow tipping, and also my second home. The peanuts on Southwest were served in small bags, but the cute sayings printed on the bags like “Salty Peanuts, Sweet Fares” and “Byte Sized Fares” were enough distraction to not notice too much.


Cloudy skies over Houston

Cloudy skies over Houston



Byte Sized Bags and Fares

Byte Sized Bags and Fares



We made it to the rehearsal just as everyone was leaving, so then it was off to eat dinner. What to do after dinner? A no-brainer. Every time I visit OKC, it is mandatory to indulge in Braum’s ice cream — a hot fudge brownie sundae to be exact — with my cousins Nancy and Andy. This time, our Canadian cousin Rachel joined us. And it was Sajan’s first time of many to come.

Around 10:30 p.m., we joined 13 others at Cole’s Garden to set up 200 chair covers for the next morning. Subin showed us how to tie pretty bows.

At the wedding Saturday morning, Subin and Ancy were a beautiful, happy couple. I can’t wait to see their wedding photos, with the scenic, outdoorsy wedding and reception hall.


Ancy and Subin Get Married

Ancy and Subin Get Married



At around 1:30 p.m., Sajan, Dudley and I began to freak out just a tad. We had to be at Will Rogers International Airport by 2:30 p.m. to catch the day’s last flight out of the city, and things were a few minutes behind schedule.

One important detail: Sajan and Dudley were supposed to be the emcees at the reception! And I was a bridesmaid. But no worries. At 2, Sajan and Dudley introduced the bridal party to the reception crowd. Subin and Ancy sauntered off to their cake cutting. Then, backup emcee Shane took over, as Philip whisked us off to the airport in his G35. Sajan asked if he could have a G35.


Dudley, Sajan and I fly to Dallas on Southwest

Dudley, Sajan and I fly to Dallas on Southwest



I didn’t have time to change, so everyone at the airport stared as I walked around in a maroon bridesmaid sari.

We made it to Sagar and Poonam’s reception in Dallas, and I reunited with old high school pals. The live feed was pristine. Sajan and I were dead tired. He had worn the same suit all day. I had changed from one sari into another.


Reunited High School Pals

Reunited High School Pals



On Sunday, after a good night’s rest, we filled up on french toast with Alice, Nehal and Sheil at Bread Winner’s, a posh brunch spot in Uptown. Highlights: Zucchini bread, chai and honey nut french toast.


One thing I did notice during this trip. Sajan and I are beginning to say the same things at the same time out of nowhere. Creepy! But not.


3 thoughts on “How to Survive an Interstate Wedding Weekend

  1. two things:

    1. You looked stunning and I never would have guessed you came from another wedding.
    2. I used to have relatives in Weatherford, OK and LOVED Braum’s ice cream 🙂
    3. I know I said two things, but I like lists. I’m jealous that Alice, Sheil and Nehal got to hang out with you guys! I miss you so.

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