Living (It Up) On a Budget

So how are your finances?

If your answer is “fairly shaky” or “very shaky,” you’re like two out of every five people, a recent study showed.

Everyone’s worried about money. Before Sajan and I married, we had to sit and talk about our views on spending. We try to merge our good habits and get rid of the bad ones.

The other day, we bought one of those pokey receipt spikes to help track our spending. Until then, we threw receipts on a designated spot on the floor. (Not something I would recommend.) At least once a week I review the receipts and enter the numbers into a spreadsheet with different categories.

Now, I’m a coupon cutter. It’s sheer joy to scan a grocery receipt and see three bucks saved! We’ve minimized eating out during the work week by packing sandwiches (with turkey, swiss or provolone cheese, mayo and spinach) and a bag of strawberries and apple slices. Sajan quit his gym membership. There’s a park just a mile from our neighborhood, and we might even invest in some bikes.

Sajan and I have talked about some goals to save money for. Goal No. 1: Own commercial property in five years.

Money-saving tips I don’t like:

This article talks about Bob, who saves $95 a month by skipping out on Starbucks coffee in the morning. Well I avoid buying cigarettes. With the thousands of dollars I didn’t shell out, does that make me a smart saver too?

Here’s what my husband has to say about the finances.

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