Revisiting a Childhood Home in Eraviperoor

*I found this as a draft from November 2016 and thought I ought to finally post it.* One day after my father’s funeral, my two uncles took us to go see his childhood home where my brother and I used to play. Now someone else owns it and rents it out. We hadn’t seen this…

India Trip Day 15: Vallamkali Boat Race

This (September) was the perfect time of year to visit. A wedding, Onam, and boat race season. We watch the boat races from my cousins’ house off the river in Aranmula. We eat lunch on a banana leaf. We drink fresh juice at St. George’s Bakery. We take a rickshaw home, then eat dinner at my…

India Trip Day 14: Houseboat & Backwaters

We make our way to Alapuzha to hop on a houseboat. We casually ride through backwaters from just before lunch until 5 p.m. We eat karimeen and rice for lunch and then snack on ethakya appam and tea. And the next day we all have a good laugh about diarrhea.

India Trip Day 13: Layla’s Birthday

Layla turns 5. We head out to watch kids play Onam games. The work commences on a giant pot of biryani for the birthday dinner. My mom has a whole suitcase full of birthday decor and goodies. Layla makes her own three layer cake, with help from my mom. My mom put the finishing touches…

India Trip Day 11: Post-Wedding Goodbyes

We bid goodbye as the newlyweds and other family head out. It gently showers again. My uncle cuts banana leaves for us to eat dinner on. And we walk down to the town to check up on our sari blouse stitching and pick up a few items. The kids get their first Kinder eggs.

India Trip Day 10: Merlin’s Wedding Day

Merlin and Reuben get hitched. I’m a little sick and head home early. But I catch up with everyone after the festivities. Layla has a blast as a flower girl with her cousin Angelina.

India Trip Day 9: Facials & Family Time

It’s the day before Merlin’s wedding. Layla and her cousin Jeffin make cinnamon sugar biscuits. We get homemade facials. And the family gathers together in anticipation of the big day.

India Trip Day 8: Big Fish to Fry

Today is a day of gentle rain showers. My cousins and uncles make an early morning run for fresh fish, and we visit my some of my dad’s side of the family in Thiruvalla.

India Trip Day 7: Feeding the Cows

On Day 7, we do some exploring around the house down the road. Then, my cousins take us to their cousins’ backyard/farm. The kids feed cows, and we check out egg-laying chickens and coffee bean trees. Onam butterflies make a special appearance.