The Spazmatics

A few weeks ago my co-workers were talking about this band called The Spazmatics, whom I had never heard of. They play every Thursday at Sammie’s. Then my friend Liz Varughese heard about them from her friend in California.

A long Gmail thread titled “concert” commenced between a bunch of us. Liz, Jimmy, Sajan and I went last night. It started at 10 p.m. The employment-bound fuddy duddies that we are, we worried about getting home too late. Ten p.m. outings were hott in our college days, but these days sleep is a prized commodity.

Jimmy took a nap early that evening. Sajan was busy with Clear Concept Media stuff. I was supposed to work on random things but took a nap because I had a throbbing staring-at-a-computer-screen-all-day headache. Liz was doing a recording at Lakewood for a presumptively awesome album due out soon.

Now, when I heard The Spazmatics are an ‘80s cover band, my interest level was eh. The kind of eh or meh where your shoulders shrug and you could care less whether you hear about the topic again or not. When Liz brought up the topic of going to Sammie’s to see the band, I checked out their Web site, which showed photos of super lame looking band members. Meh. But something deep down inside said this might be fun.

Last night, the band hopped on stage. Bassist in a helmet and Star Wars backpack. Guitarist with a sweatband and white tennis shorts. Vocalist and drummer looked just as ‘80s. These guys stayed in lame but sweet and goofy ‘80s character the entire time.

From beginning to end we laughed and danced and sang along, enjoying every back-in-time saturated moment. These guys have hilarious choreographed moves. And they sound amazing!

A+ for The Spazmatics.


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