Moving Into the New House

After almost two months of paying for it but not using it, we finally spent the night at our new house.

Talk about different. It’s quiet with just the two of us. We’re both used to being around the family. The TV keeps us company, only we play the same tired music DVDs (Hillsong, Dave Mathews, Santana) over and over again, since we are lacking an antenna and aren’t getting cable.

But it feels good to be new homeowners.

So how do you move into a new house? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Use Lane Furniture’s Design-a-Room feature to get a feel for the proportions of your living room and what furniture sizes will work best.

Carry measuring tape and a floor plan of your house while furniture shopping. Nothing ruins the feel of a room like furniture in the wrong proportions.

Keep warranties and instruction manuals in a designated file or drawer. Whether it’s the oven, silverware or your food processor, you’ll want to keep tabs on paperwork in case any concerns arise. Also, when it’s time to sell your house, you’ll want to pass on manuals for major appliances.

Expect additional fees for every bill your first month. Not living at the house for two months, we used very little gas, electricity and water, but we still paid a good deal due to initial fees and whatnot. The same goes for getting your Internet connected. We snagged a decent deal for monthly payments, but those pesky installation fees are tacked on in the beginning. It all adds up and may not be something you initially budget for.

Share your tips!


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