Fort Bend Discovery Center & Painting a Room

On Saturday the kids and I met up with Rayna and her grandparents at Fort Bend Discovery Center. Our last time here was the grand opening. It’s a lot of stimulation and activities in a small space. The kids had a great time.

The place was full of cool science lessons and hands-on experiments. I think the kids had the most fun at the mini H-E-B, where they did some major fake shopping, and the soda fountain restaurant, where they served up some fake food. They stopped by an animal hospital, city hall, and much more. Continue reading


Revisiting a Childhood Home in Eraviperoor

*I found this as a draft from November 2016 and thought I ought to finally post it.*

One day after my father’s funeral, my two uncles took us to go see his childhood home where my brother and I used to play. Now someone else owns it and rents it out. We hadn’t seen this place in a few years. Much was different.


When I was five is when that stone moss-covered wall was built. It had been just a little bit of wire fence (if you could call it that) and open fields before. And of course, the customary gate with the family name was added when the wall went up. The new owners never changed the gate.

In the old days, there was a cow in that white barn, which has the clothes hanging from it in the photo. I always dreamed of petting the cow or riding on it, but no one ever obliged, wisely.

On the back side of the house were numerous cashew trees, with cashew nuts hanging from fruits. Sometimes we would collect the cashews and roast them. Too bad I didn’t appreciate the taste of cashews back then as much as I do now!


Behind this grove of plants in the front yard was a rubber tree farm. I remember running through it at age 3. Now it’s overgrown and weedy. And behind that was a fence of bamboo plants, which separated the yard from the clean green rice paddies.


This little puddly dip in the road, it used to be a huge gap that connected the rice paddies on either side. It was always full of water, like a big ditch but right in the middle of the road. Even when we drove over that road by car, it had to drive through the water to cross.

One night, in the pitch black, my dad walked my brother and I across this dirt road to go somewhere. We waded through the water. It was somewhere between ankle- and knee-deep. He shined his flashlight. Just a few feet from us in that water, was a skinny snake lifting its head six inches above the water and peering at us. And we kept on going.


This is the well we got all our water from. It was blue when I was young. Now it’s painted pink.

After my dad died, we stood here by the well with my two uncles.

My dad’s older brother said, I remember when your dad fell in, and I had to get him out.

Then my brother said, He told me you fell in, and he had to get you out.

It’s amazing how stories shift depending on the storyteller. I think after my dad died is also when I first started to realize he was probably two years younger than I actually thought he was and than all his paperwork said he was.

I remember brushing my teeth on the kitchen porch by the well. We would yank on the pulley to get the bucket deep in the well until it dipped in the water and filled up. Then we would pull it up and pour the water into a small plastic bucket. We’d dip our hands in the water and splash it on our faces and use it to brush our teeth outside.

When I think of this house, I think of how big everything looked when I was 3, 5, and 9. I think of sleepovers with my cousins. My cousin Rolson once did pushups with his bare knuckles on the front steps. My grandma once held me, patted my back, and said, “Baboooh, Baboooh,” and that was the first time I remember hearing that word.

We had a pet monkey in the yard, in a cage. Her name was Seethamma, after a mythological queen. She was not happy in the cage, as you might imagine. That’s when I learned that monkeys had their own language to cuss in. It always sounded like she was screaming curse words. We fed her fruits. One time she reached out through the cage and ripped a part of my brother’s shirt with her claws.

I don’t think we had her for too long.

There are many more memories, and I hope my mind can hold on to them. It was special to go back and see this house at age 26.

A Weekend in Atlanta

On Friday we flew from Houston to Atlanta for our cousin Stan’s wedding. He’s from Chicago, and his wife Lisa is from Atlanta. This was the kids’ first plane ride since their India trip two years ago. They really soaked up the adventure of it all!

Sajan was supposed to catch a flight to Tampa to spend time with Jolly’s family after her dad’s funeral, but our flight landed late and took some time to get to the gate, so he didn’t make his next flight.

Our excruciatingly terrible car rental place did not have cars available, though we had booked a month in advance. So Sajan had to search around to finally find a place with a car available. The price difference was painful.

Finally, to hop in a car and head to our destination felt so good. We decided to get a taste of some Georgia ribs before meeting up family.

I had had the chance to try Cue Barbecue last year on an Atlanta trip, so we tried out a different Cue’s location this time. It was delicious!

We checked into our hotel, the Hilton Atlanta Northeast, then met up family at the rehearsal dinner. It’s always nice to have an occasion to see my out-of-town cousins and their kiddos!

The next day, the wedding and reception were beautiful. There were surprise songs and heartfelt speeches. It was kinda cool having the ease of going upstairs to our room afterward.

We decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium that afternoon with my mom, brother, and Houston aunts and uncles.

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37 Years of Sajan-ness

Today is Sajan’s 37th birthday. 3 and 7 were Will Smith’s lucky numbers on episode 16 of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, so we’ll call this a lucky birthday.

I think we’ve known each other 19 years now! In honor of his birthday, here are 37 photos of Sajan being Sajan.

1. I think this is one of the oldest photos I have of him, circa 2004.

2. Sajan with his creative partner Josh.

3. Mexico mission trip 2005.

4. Morning meditations in Mexico.

5. Rapper Sajan Continue reading

Weekend Getaway in Austin – Day 3

At 8 a.m. the sun was brightly shining, but we couldn’t tell because our hotel blackout curtains were shut. We peeled our eyes open, got up, and drove to Rainey Street.

It was almost impossible to find parking, but we eventually did. We walked a ways over to Bangers, a hot brunch spot. The line was out the door. There was a full marching band playing in the patio. We decided to try somewhere else.

Luckily, we got to see and have a quick chat with Matt and Liz on their first morning as a married duo.

We didn’t get to have brunch together as planned, but no big deal.

Sajan and I ended up at L’estelle, a tiny French cafe with only patio seating. Later, we saw Wes, Kasey, Blesson, and Jolly zooming down the street on electric scooters. They parked and joined us. Arianna and Julio stopped in to say hello. Then Stan joined us.

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Liz & Matt’s Fantastical Wedding #MattGoesMalu

It was 1:30ish when we arrived at Smith Family Chapel. Liz’s parents were beaming and beautiful in anticipation of the nuptials. Everyone grabbed a little pod of communion wafer and juice.

We sat in a pew and saw familiar faces filter in. I snapped a few quick shots on my phone but put it away to leave the work to the professionals!

I loved how there were a mix of bridesmaids and brides men. Liz looked absolutely stunning as she cascaded down the aisle. I think the whole wedding was a big cry and laugh fest.

Jessica, Sherene, and another talented lady gave everyone goosebumps as they sang. The harmony on the Malayalam songs had jaws dropping and tears forming.

The couple exchanged vows. Soon it was done, and every moment was spectacular.

We left asap to get to the reception and prep for MCing. Brodie Homestead was decked out inside. It was an intimate venue. Continue reading

Weekend Getaway in Austin – Day 2

On Saturday, we woke up, had some coffee and tea, and headed to Counter Cafe. We literally sat at a counter at a cafe. I wonder how the chefs felt with us sitting right behind them gazing and ooohing and aahing as they did their thing.

I had poached eggs on cheesy grits and collard greens. Sajan had a honey butter biscuit with cheesy grits. We were over-the-top satisfied with the food! We split a pancake on the side.

After breakfast, we waddled to the car and headed to Zilker Park to burn some calories. We ended up at the botanical gardens. I loved this place. They had a cacti and succulent garden. Continue reading