India Trip Day 6: Merlin’s Engagement

OK this is something I did not know. You can have a dude come to your house, set up in your front yard, and iron your mundus and saris.

This was the morning of my cousin Merlin’s engagement.

As usual, the kids and I went for a walk down the street, said hello to my cousins at their house, and came back. By down the street I mean, go down a steep road, take a right, and go uphill a little. So that meant, on the way back, it was a steep walk uphill, where I held both kids in my arms and stopped every 5 seconds to take a breath.

The whole family dolled up for the engagement. A fancy photographer entourage took over the living room for a photo shoot.

We headed to a fancy banquet hall with an array of delicious food.

India Trip Day 4: Errands in Thiruvalla

We take the kids around the backyard, peering into the well, crushing leaves, looking out for bugs, and listening to the sound of my aunt slapping her clothes against a rock.

The kids and I head to Thiruvalla with my cousins. We stop at beauty parlor, clothing store (where Ezra sees his “dad”), and a bakery, where we grab a bite to eat.

Back at home, we eat chicken and chapati for dinner.

India Trip Day 3: A Walk Around St. Thomas College

The kids woke up around 4 or 5 a.m. Pitch black outside. So what did they do? They made muffins with Grandma.

When the sun came up, they ran around the yard. Then my uncle took them for a walk around St. Thomas College.

The fish man came by, and my uncle selected some fish for dinner.

Then we dressed up for my nephew Jaden’s baptism at St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church.

I stopped by the sari blouse stitching place down the street from the house. We had some blouses that needed to be ready for my cousin Merlin’s engagement and wedding ceremonies.