How We Get Ready for School

This is how we mentally prepare for the first week of school.

I ask the kids to pick out their school outfits for the week and have them ready to go.

We talk about what they would like to pack for lunch and the importance of having it prepared the night before. They also pick their snack.

Then we discuss what they will eat for their meal when they get home and for a snack in case there is any delay with the meal.

My goal is to prepare them for being physically tired and mentally drained and to let them know this is normal and expected.

If we don’t prepare for this, we risk bigger meltdowns from both the kids and the adults in the house. (Or should I say singular adult because it’s me and not Sajan 😆.)

Meltdowns are OK. They’re a sign of how we feel and what we’ve been through. But the key for me is the kids knowing what’s happening and planning in advance for it when they can.

I remember when one was in kindergarten and the other was in preschool at a different school. I was very calm and patient with them in the mornings but had a pattern of blowing up once we got in the car. Adjusting to the demands of elementary school and having the kids in two schools wore at me.

But I felt empowered once I noticed my pattern of losing my marbles in the car.

I want my kids to be able to do the same.

Plan ahead to minimize stress.

Understand when you’re going through a lot of new things.

Experience the big feelings and let them pass.

Know that this is normal.

The more we have a few vital things planned out, the less thinking we’re required to do when we’re tired and spent.

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