How to Make Time for Your Dreams: Future You (Part 4/4)

Today, we’ll talk about Dream Builder No. 4, and that is Future You.

Future You is the person that has already accomplished the dream you have in mind.

Think about it. What does Future You look like?

Make a list describing the habits and actions of Future You. You could even give Future You a cool nickname.

What kind of decisions does Future You make?

What kind of doubts and insecurities would Future You not even bat an eyelash at?

Let Future You give advice to the current you. Keep this written down somewhere where you can refer to it often.

Do not take advice from current you because current you has too many fake excuses.

You’ve got to recognize the difference between the mindset of the current you and the mindset of the future you, so you know who to listen to at the right time.

Future You knows better and has the audacity to break glass ceilings.

So Dream Builder No. 4 is: Get to know Future You and what she is like, so she can pull you forward.

A Quick Recap of How to Make Time for Your Dreams

First take ownership of your time and calendar. This is a skill that takes time to develop and often means subtracting unnecessary things. I’m still working on this, and it’s not a pass/fail thing. It’s always a work in progress.

Second, take key actions consistently. Remember it’s the small things that make a big difference.

Third, develop community and design your world, so you’re in spaces that pull you closer to your dream, so it doesn’t feel like an uphill battle with resistance and friction. We all need people ahead of us to pull us up.

And remember to get to know Future You because her thoughts and habits will be upgraded at a new level. Let that new mindset guide you.

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