How to Make Time for Your Dreams: Consistency (Part 2/4)

Today we’re talking about Dream Builder No. 2, consistency.

We make time for our dreams with the consistency of tiny actions every day.

What can you do a little bit of each day or each week that will directly feed into your dream?

Do you know the specific steps and strategies that will get you closer?

For example, I want to get fluent in my family’s native tongue of Malayalam, which I knew as a kid but kind of lost into adulthood.

I know learning a language is lifelong experience. I’m in a group that helps me study every week and make it a regular part of my life to expose myself to the language and practice speaking it.

For my fitness I care less about a weight goal, though that is important, and I’m more interested in daily actions. So right now I’m in a group where we’re doing at least 10 push-ups every day. It only takes 30 seconds. It’s mindless. It has an impact.

I try to eat vegetables at least 3 times a day. And I automatically say no to sugar in my tea, which I love drinking every day.

It’s these ongoing small decisions that I’ve seen make a big impact because they become integrated into my life and are not this overwhelming goal that I need to figure out.

Once we set a handful of consistent actions we take on, they become mindless and easy because we don’t have to sit there and decide what we’re going to do.

Having to make a decision about something is taxing for our brain.

Every morning when I make tea, if I have to ask myself, “Am I going to use sugar today or not, I don’t know?”, that is a drain on my resources and my capacity. I love that I don’t have to think about it. No, I’m not going to have it.

When we’re committed, the plan is in motion, and we can move forward with little friction.

Sometimes these tiny actions include ongoing learning through books, podcasts, and classes.

Sometimes it’s getting to know people who are already doing what you want to do.

It can even mean looking every day at your notes, your plans, and your past reflections that you’ve written down to remind yourself of where you’re heading.

Some people use a vision board for this or have their goal taped on their bathroom mirror.

The more we’re face to face with it, the more we begin to embrace it.

Some people follow the EDMED philosophy. Every day means every day. Where not a day goes by without repeating the decisions that feed into your goal. 

A great onramp into including tiny wonderful habits in your life is to follow BJ Fogg and his free tiny habits class. He has a whole system where you learn how to make sure you’re actually going to accomplish the tiny habit you want to accomplish.

o Dream Builder No. 2 is consistency. Consistency with tiny actions. Let me know in the comments what tiny actions you have integrated into your daily life that get you closer to where you want to be.

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