My Favorite Feature of the New Kitchen

I love my hood vent

The absolute last thing I would have ever considered in the kitchen redesign was the range hood.

When we were shopping for a new stove, the salesperson got us up to speed on the importance of picking the right one. Apparently, their power is measured in CFMs. Builder grade range hoods might be 200 CFMs. For our cooking, we needed closer to 400-600 CFMs.

Before when I would cook, the smell went straight upstairs and sometimes all over the house, even though we had a vent going right out the kitchen wall.

Now, the cooking aroma is greatly reduced if not zero in other parts of the house.

I did not know this was possible.

Now I’m walking around telling people they can save $10,000 by not building an outdoor kitchen and just getting a good range hood.

Also, I quite like the new stove. It has five burners instead of 4, and I use them all. I love the extra functionality. And the knob lights up when the burner is lit. This has saved me a few times when I left the stove on and finally noticed because of the lit knob.

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