Introducing the out-of-thin-air Succeed Book Club

When I read a book, I always wish I had someone to discuss and parse through it with, especially when there’s a lot of meaty stuff to talk about that is relevant to everyday life. What I often do is take notes in my Evernote app to go back and reference later. If I don’t take notes, I will forget too many golden tidbits.

This week, with 2019 rolling in, the timing was perfect to talk about Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals by Dr. Heidi Grant.

We’re all thinking about how to conquer 2019, aren’t we? She starts off saying to put aside your beliefs about why you’ve succeeded or failed in the past. Tomorrow we’ll get into a little bit of “do this, not that.”

Here’s a quick introduction to the book.

A few days after making this, it occurred to my I mindlessly said that Carol Dweck is the author of Grit. She isn’t! She introduced growth mindset vs. fixed mindset. And a lot of that concept carries into the books of Dr. Heidi Grant, who is her protege.

There are 3 days of videos I will be posting with some fascinating, actionable nuggets from this book! Stay tuned.

(Or you can watch them now on my YouTube channel!)


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