Making a Compost Bin

Growing up, we always threw scraps into the backyard garden. When I got older, I didn’t continue the practice because I couldn’t always make time to head to the backyard. But I sure did feel guilty every time I threw an egg shell or fruit peel into the trash can.

Finally, I’m mentally ready to use a compost bin. So Sajan made one. I think if we would have used just wood, the construction would have been quicker. I wanted to try chicken wire (aka poultry netting), so it took a little longer to subdue the chicken wire and get all the wood properly attached.

Sajan worked hard on putting it together. Earlier that day he had mowed over our lawn full of brown leaves. He bagged all the leaves.

The next day, Ezra and I poured the leaves into the new bin. It was so fun! Layla had started to help. She asked me to watch the ground and make sure there were no ant piles. Unfortunately, she ended up stepping right into a small hidden ant pile. She didn’t get any bites, but she decided to stay on the patio.

Layla still helped by taking paper towel rolls she had been collecting and ripping them apart. Then Ezra delivered them in multiple trips to the compost. They both had so much fun. It was nice that as a family we could all play a part in bringing the compost together.

And it was refreshing for me to know I don’t have to throw precious things like tea bags and coffee grounds away.

I’m taking it slow. First I want to work with what we have, and at minimum, redirect a few waste items from the landfill. The kids and I have watched a lot of YouTube videos about composting, browns and greens, and different strategies to decompose the material.

At some point, we’ll get some worms and other items in there to make a real compost. For now, we are enjoying learning about composting little by little.

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