Fort Bend Discovery Center & Painting a Room

On Saturday the kids and I met up with Rayna and her grandparents at Fort Bend Discovery Center. Our last time here was the grand opening. It’s a lot of stimulation and activities in a small space. The kids had a great time.

The place was full of cool science lessons and hands-on experiments. I think the kids had the most fun at the mini H-E-B, where they did some major fake shopping, and the soda fountain restaurant, where they served up some fake food. They stopped by an animal hospital, city hall, and much more.

After a fun morning, we said goodbye to Rayna and her grandparents and headed home for lunch.

Sajan had been working at the rental house and came back for lunch, too. We all went back together to the rental house to give Sajan a hand.

The kids and I painted a room in the house. Sajan went back and did all the detail work.

Later we headed home because the kids were looking forward to an evening with Maya and Priya, since their parents would be out at the Lauren Daigle concert. The kids played, ate dinner, watched TV, and snuggled in bed together. It was a full, fun day.

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