A Weekend in Atlanta

On Friday we flew from Houston to Atlanta for our cousin Stan’s wedding. He’s from Chicago, and his wife Lisa is from Atlanta. This was the kids’ first plane ride since their India trip two years ago. They really soaked up the adventure of it all!

Sajan was supposed to catch a flight to Tampa to spend time with Jolly’s family after her dad’s funeral, but our flight landed late and took some time to get to the gate, so he didn’t make his next flight.

Our excruciatingly terrible car rental place did not have cars available, though we had booked a month in advance. So Sajan had to search around to finally find a place with a car available. The price difference was painful.

Finally, to hop in a car and head to our destination felt so good. We decided to get a taste of some Georgia ribs before meeting up family.

I had had the chance to try Cue Barbecue last year on an Atlanta trip, so we tried out a different Cue’s location this time. It was delicious!

We checked into our hotel, the Hilton Atlanta Northeast, then met up family at the rehearsal dinner. It’s always nice to have an occasion to see my out-of-town cousins and their kiddos!

The next day, the wedding and reception were beautiful. There were surprise songs and heartfelt speeches. It was kinda cool having the ease of going upstairs to our room afterward.

We decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium that afternoon with my mom, brother, and Houston aunts and uncles.

It was incredible! Sea life is so enchanting. The kids were exhausted but made it through all the exhibits. We started with a dolphin show, where dolphins did some amazing stunts. How in the world do you get dolphins to do those things?

After seeing all the fish, we needed some dinner. We decided to hit up Cue, since it was close to the hotel.

Everyone enjoyed their meal. We called it a night, so we could rest up for our flights the next day.

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