37 Years of Sajan-ness

Today is Sajan’s 37th birthday. 3 and 7 were Will Smith’s lucky numbers on episode 16 of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, so we’ll call this a lucky birthday.

I think we’ve known each other 19 years now! In honor of his birthday, here are 37 photos of Sajan being Sajan.

1. I think this is one of the oldest photos I have of him, circa 2004.

2. Sajan with his creative partner Josh.

3. Mexico mission trip 2005.

4. Morning meditations in Mexico.

5. Rapper Sajan

6. Engagement ceremony Sajan

7. Engagement picture Sajan

8. Minutes from getting married

9. Seconds after getting married

10. Wedding festivity love

11. Babymoon in New York City 2011.

12. Valentines Day 2012.

13. Puerto Rico 2013

14. Kayaking and ziplining in Puerto Rico.

15. Atlanta 2012

16. Baltimore 2014

17. Father daughter pose

18. Sajan becomes a father of two.

19. Superhero frowns

20. Sweet smiles

21. Our attempt to do some spring family pictures.

22. First boys

23. A dreamy dude at a dreamy wedding in Healdsburg, California 2015.

24. Sajan with his long locks.

25. At the local park.

26. Sajan with Layla after her Christmas choir.

27. Professional Sajan

28. G-Tribe dudes

29. First Texans game and good seats!

30. Heartwarming family picture

31. Building our backyard playground!

32. Handling a turkey.

33. Eating a 5-star meal in the French countryside.

34. Being a groomsman about to dance

35. Hanging out in Spain

36. About to run a 5k in 40-degree weather.

37. At the zoo

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