Weekend Getaway in Austin – Day 3

At 8 a.m. the sun was brightly shining, but we couldn’t tell because our hotel blackout curtains were shut. We peeled our eyes open, got up, and drove to Rainey Street.

It was almost impossible to find parking, but we eventually did. We walked a ways over to Bangers, a hot brunch spot. The line was out the door. There was a full marching band playing in the patio. We decided to try somewhere else.

Luckily, we got to see and have a quick chat with Matt and Liz on their first morning as a married duo.

We didn’t get to have brunch together as planned, but no big deal.

Sajan and I ended up at L’estelle, a tiny French cafe with only patio seating. Later, we saw Wes, Kasey, Blesson, and Jolly zooming down the street on electric scooters. They parked and joined us. Arianna and Julio stopped in to say hello. Then Stan joined us.

I had a very classic breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Sajan had the avocado toast. The food here is so-so. Nothing to complain about and nothing to write home about. But at least they had seats for us, which can be a lot to ask for at that time in that area.

After breakfast, all of us hopped on electric scooters. You download the Lime app, open it up, and scan a bar code on any old Lime scooter lying around that’s been left by a previous passenger. Super easy!

We rode around town for 22 minutes and paid around $3 each.

The area was scenic, with jogging trails and waterways. When we starting riding on gravel, it was little much for me, so I stopped. We parked the scooters next to our van and decided to head home.

It was such a fun weekend. I’m so glad we had time to enjoy the outdoors each day. What a lifestyle for people who live here!

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