Liz & Matt’s Fantastical Wedding #MattGoesMalu

It was 1:30ish when we arrived at Smith Family Chapel. Liz’s parents were beaming and beautiful in anticipation of the nuptials. Everyone grabbed a little pod of communion wafer and juice.

We sat in a pew and saw familiar faces filter in. I snapped a few quick shots on my phone but put it away to leave the work to the professionals!

I loved how there were a mix of bridesmaids and brides men. Liz looked absolutely stunning as she cascaded down the aisle. I think the whole wedding was a big cry and laugh fest.

Jessica, Sherene, and another talented lady gave everyone goosebumps as they sang. The harmony on the Malayalam songs had jaws dropping and tears forming.

The couple exchanged vows. Soon it was done, and every moment was spectacular.

We left asap to get to the reception and prep for MCing. Brodie Homestead was decked out inside. It was an intimate venue.

Heartfelt words were shared by family and friends. The food was delicious. The couple was beautiful and happy and enjoying their day to the fullest. The crowd was enjoying the moments with them.

After the reception, we went back to the hotel for a rest. We stopped by StoutHaus Coffee for some coffee and tea. Then we headed back to Brodie Homestead for more wedding fun!

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  1. Elizabeth V says:

    What a sweet post! Love the video, swee words and pics. especially the one of pokie with my Dad along with the group shot of our old school friends.

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