Weekend Getaway in Austin – Day 2

On Saturday, we woke up, had some coffee and tea, and headed to Counter Cafe. We literally sat at a counter at a cafe. I wonder how the chefs felt with us sitting right behind them gazing and ooohing and aahing as they did their thing.

I had poached eggs on cheesy grits and collard greens. Sajan had a honey butter biscuit with cheesy grits. We were over-the-top satisfied with the food! We split a pancake on the side.

After breakfast, we waddled to the car and headed to Zilker Park to burn some calories. We ended up at the botanical gardens. I loved this place. They had a cacti and succulent garden.

Little ponds and waterfalls were scattered around. Then we walked into an herb garden.

This stuff smelled like and must have been panikoorka, which I was surprised to see.

It was so relaxing to walk through this place in the morning.

We left the gardens, drove to another gorgeous corner of the park, and walked around.

After a brisk walk, we headed back to our hotel to get dressed for Matt & Liz’s wedding.

For the first time ever, I forgot to pack a pavada for my sari and had to wear yoga pants underneath! So the whole wedding I was pulling up my pants and re-tucking in my sari. But I survived.

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  1. Elizabeth V says:

    oh no!! We prolly could’ve scrounged one up for you from all the sari-wearing ladies! I remember for my friend susan’s wedding, it was so cold, I wore yoga pants under my pavada. I would’ve never known had I not read your blog! way to be resourceful! Maybe next time, jeans? haha!

    Best Regards, Elizabeth Varughese

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