Europe Day 7: Last Day in Barcelona

We probably woke up around 9. I had planned to go to Montjuic, a mountain top with a castle and cable car ride about 45 minutes away. But when I woke up, I changed my mind in favor of seeing some more local sites.

Our host Jose offered us breakfast, but we decided to stroll the streets. We walked by the Picasso Museum and checked out the gift shop. I wanted to buy so many things. But I wanted to carry nothing.

We walked through la Parc de la Ciutadella and took pictures of the Arc de triomf. We had coffee/tea and pastries at a shop.

Then we walked to Casa Batlo and Casa Mila, designed by Gaudi. It is quite incredible to walk by legendary things you have seen pictures of in books.

By this time, we were about a 15-minute walk from where our friends were staying, so we headed to their place. We juiced up our phones. Their place was so big. Like a full apartment. They were living large!

We picked a lunch spot and walked to it. Ciudad Condal. (Spelling changes depending on the language.)

This was probably the best food you could find in this area. The reviews were stellar, and our taste buds rejoiced. If we had more time, I could have sat here and eaten for the rest of the day.

Sajan and I had a flight to catch, so we got a little nervous about time. But we stayed with the group and hunted for dessert.

Steven found Chok. Super hipster. Something you might see in a Midtown in a big American city.

We ate kronuts!

Then Sajan and I headed to grab our already packed luggage. Jose kindly walked it down the seven flights of stairs for us. We took a bus to the airport.

Goodbye, sweet Barcelona!


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