Europe Day 5: Driving Around Provence

The morning after Kash and Sarah’s wedding, we had another breakfast of tea/coffee and pastries and checked out of the hotel.

My seasoned traveler cousin Ruby had recommended we visit the little towns of Gordes and Cassis in Provence.

Gordes was 40 minutes away. The drive felt like driving through the middle of nowhere. The countryside was empty except of vineyards, olive trees, other plants, and the occasional house.

But when we entered Gordes, it was breathtaking. We were at the top of a mountain, it seemed. We parked at a market, where you could walk around and pass through shops with lavender and local seasonings.

We ate savory crepes for brunch at a creperie. Mine had ham, egg, and cheese. It came with a salad that was amazing. Tasted like homegrown greens. (Or my tastebuds were fooled by the glamour of the countryside!)

We window shopped. Then we drove an hour and a half down south to the seaside town of Cassis, at the bottom of a mountain.

People lounged on the beach. You could hear the gentle waves crashing. There were boats in a marina.

We ate at Le Delphin by the marina. Sweet crepes this time. Sajan’s was orange flavored. I went a little overboard with a nutella-filled, chantilly cream-topped crepe with a scoop of walnut ice cream. And we got some water.

I had seen what looked like fig trees in Orgon and Gordes, but they didn’t have fruit, so I wasn’t sure. Finally in Cassis, we saw a fig tree with lots of fruit!

After enjoying the sights of Cassis, we drove through Marseille. You could see the port of Marseille from the highway. Though there was this one long tunnel part where you miss all the scenery.

The airport is west of Marseille. We had an airport sandwich and salad for dinner. Our flight for Barcelona would leave around 10:30 p.m.

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  1. Wow, the views and food look extraordinary!

    1. I didn’t expect much from Provence, but I was blown away!

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