Europe Day 4 (Part 2): Kash + Sarah Wedding

This post is about the main event of our Europe trip — #kasa2017.

We parked at Le Mas de la Rose. The lot is surrounded by glorious gardens. Lettuces, mint, basil, parsley. Every herb you can imagine greeted us.

Rows of white wooden chairs lined up on the lawn. Musicians were setting up a cello, keyboard and drums. Sherene and Peter were practicing their song. Peonies and roses dotted the arch where the couple would share their vows.

The wedding planner handed us a nice paper/wood umbrella for shade and some rose petals to throw later.

We basked in the sun until the wedding began. Every moment was very thoughtful and personal. See the video up top to watch! The ceremony (check out the adorable ring bearer at the end) begins at 0:51, the cocktail hour at 2:40 and the reception at 3:00.

After the ceremony, the cocktail hour lasted a few hours. I tried every mouthwatering hors d’oeuvre at least twice. I missed my babies, so I found babies to hold, particularly Joby and Kainey’s (thanks!). I showed their daughter Eva the little grapes in the vineyard.

As dusk approached, we moved to the reception, under a patio.

There was a little apricot with my name on it. I ate it.

Sajan was the toastmaster for the evening. (Toastmaster must be said with a British accent.) We referred to him as the MC, but our new UK friends made it sound way better as TOAST-MAH-STUH.

Even though he’s really funny, I’m usually slow to laugh at Sajan’s jokes. But I have to say, he was quite hilarious. The crowd seemed to love him!

The reception began with the bridal party dancing in. Close friends and family gave speeches honoring the couple. Sarah and Kash really are a beautiful, amazing couple!

Sajan had everyone meet and make new friends and take pictures together. This was the best wedding crowd ever. Everyone got to know each other.

The first course came out. Scallops and shredded veggies. The scallops melted on my tongue like butter. I’ve never had scallops so good. Kavitha was sitting next to me. I got greedy and ate her scallops.

The second course came out. Veal on a pillow of mashed potatoes. This kind of food, you have to eat slowly. The room needs to be quiet. It was.

Finally, dessert happened. The level of luxury at this love fest was almost more than my tender heart (or pre-diabetes) could handle.

We gathered around a rectangular table. The staff laid out cake after cake.

Firework by Katy Perry started to play.

The staff lit sparklers on every cake and sparklers in our hands. A sparkler-topped towering profiterole cake was escorted onto the table by two or three people where Kash and Sarah stood. They sliced into it for their official cake cutting.

It was such a hype moment, but the fun wasn’t over yet.

After the cake cutting, we grabbed plates and filled them with all the French Michelin-star cake our hearts desired. Gluttony ensued.

While we sat and proceeded to spike our glucose levels, Sajan led a few games with the bridal party.

It got heated and intense. Each group amplified their voices and edged up close to Sajan with their fists in the air.

There were impromptu songs. There were a few more heartfelt speeches.

Then, as they say, we danced the night away.


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