Europe Day 4 (Part 1): Exploring Orgon

We woke up Wednesday morning excited about the wedding.

Downstairs, a French breakfast awaited us in the dining area. The owner/concierge alerted us there would be no eggs and bacon, as this was a real French breakfast. This was the day I learned French breakfast = continental breakfast minus eggs and bacon. The pastries were delicious. And apricots must be a thing. There were apricots, and I happen to be a fan. 

We sat next to a large window and enjoyed the green, hillside view.

The wedding wouldn’t begin til the afternoon, so we decided to walk around Orgon.

But first, we had to drive a few minutes to get there. Remember, we had a harrowing experience getting to the hotel in our standard/manual/stick-shift car?

Sajan had the brilliant idea to ask the kind concierge/owner, Regis, to give him some pointers. They drove around the parking lot and a nearby field doing donuts!

By the time they returned, our lives were no longer threatened by our rental car. Sajan was a pro. Thanks, Regis!

We drove down the road a few miles. Gorgeous!

I felt so touristy getting tickled by seeing a shop called “Boulangerie.” Yes, we have pastries in the states. But we don’t have boulangeries.

After our walk, we needed a light lunch. I got a kebab salad and Sajan got a French-style pizza from the boulangerie. It would have been nice to get pastries or cake, but we were trying not to overload on sweets.

Back at the hotel, we got ready for the wedding.

We had no idea what we were in for…




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