Europe Day 3: From Milan to Marseille

On a Tuesday morning, we packed up our bags in our Milan AirBnB.

We grabbed a pastry breakfast at a local cafe. By the way, we noticed cafes are known as bars or caffetterias everywhere we went. At the cafe, we picked up two bus tickets for 1.50 euro each.

After grabbing our luggage, we walked six minutes to the bus stop and hopped on a bus straight to the Linate airport, 15 minutes away, for a local flight.

As we landed in Marseille, everything was quick. No lines. You could make a beeline straight out of the airport. We walked to pick up our car. I was taken by the sight of the countryside hills.

Sajan had reserved a standard (stick shift/manual) car, since automatic cars are two or three times the price.

When was the last time he had driven a standard car? Maybe a handful of times in college. The story of getting in the car and getting out of the airport parking lot and even making the 45 minutes to our Orgon hotel is a harrowing (and now rather amusing) one.

Let’s just say there was smoke coming out of the car and a nearby driver trying to alert us to it at one point.

When we got to our little Orgon countryside hotel, the landscape was stunning. The owners/concierges were so kind. They made some phone calls for us regarding our car. We were stressed out. Finally, they said, “You just go enjoy the pre-wedding festivities. We will take you there. Don’t worry about it for tonight.”

The whole reason for our trip had been to attend our friend Sarah and her fiancee Kash’s wedding.

At that moment a wonderful man named Joe (and later his wife Jas) came down from their room. He said hello and offered us a ride, as he was headed the same direction.

We quickly got ready and headed out. Google Maps took us to a person’s home instead of the vineyard we were looking for. A kind lady and her two sons gave us directions. Sajan said one the boys lit up when he heard Sajan was from Texas, where cowboys live!

We arrived at the vineyard, where the wedding party was relaxing. It was great to see our friends. There were also new faces. By the time we arrived, they were serving olive oil in little tasting spoons.

Our friend Sherene talked about vlogging the trip. We can’t wait to see her vids.

Next, we headed to the rehearsal dinner, in an enchanting French countryside restaurant, Bistrot La Aubergine.

Appetizer: Croquet and sauteed green pepper on bruschetta

First Course: Creamy risotto with black truffles.

Second Course: Chicken with little potatoes and a purple carrot.

Dessert: Chocolate mousse with a crispy wafer.

We got to know some of Kash’s friends. Meals are the best places to have great conversations.

Then, we headed back to our hotel for some rest.


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