The day I was a tourist in Houston

There’s something about downtown Houston that makes me feel 80 years old. Because it’s somewhat unfamiliar to me now, and I run through my old memories of what it used to be. 

I was in downtown this morning for Startup Week Houston. Then I walked to meet Sajan for lunch. He laughed when he saw me. My mouth was open and my eyes were wide, gazing up and around.

I felt like a tourist in my own city. During and after college I had worked downtown. There’s something about walking in those sidewalks that makes you feel like you belong to something. 

But today, I was experiencing the new downtown. There was new art.

There was a new skyscraper. 

The old Houston was a little grimy and very down home and approachable. The new Houston looks like it’s built for 30- and 40- somethings with six figures. It looks more like a major tourist destination now, which is probably a good thing. 

Everything was so picturesque.  

Sajan and I hung out at The Conservatory, so I could eat lunch. Everyone here looked 35 or under. Very young vibe. It was a space with four or five restaurants to choose from, almost like a mall food court but upscale hipster style. 

I ordered two tacos with cole slaw from El Burro and the Bull. 

I saw an old friend from college in line behind me but couldn’t be sure if it was really her. 

Then she happened to sit next to us. I said, “Are you Emily?”, and it turned out it was her. We had a great chat. 

After lunch Sajan and I had a refreshing walk back to my parking garage. 

More oohs and ahs from me, taking in the scene. 

I don’t miss the downtown commute, but I do miss the scene. 


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