There’s something I need to tell you. I went to this event.

It’s no secret I love dogs. And it’s also no secret I love other people’s dogs because I can enjoy the benefits of playing with them without any of the responsibilities of caring for them.

But then something happened.

We went to Oklahoma to visit cousins. And I found my son like this.


This is him with his friend Bones. I melted upon seeing the joy on my boy’s face with this puppy, Bones.

“Bones-ee, oh Bones-ee!” he would call.

And then one day we hung out with this dog Riley, who is so big he might as well be a horse. The boy was chasing and calling out for Riley the whole time.

This is a boy who needs a dog.

I’m not ready to get a dog. I can barely take care of the people already in my house.

But. I’m almost there.

So we visited the animal shelter. This was a little research event for us. To get familiar with the process, should the time come for a little canine companion.


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