As much as I write, record and string words together, it is oddly true that I would characterize much of my life as feeling, experiencing or believing things while struggling to find the language to express them.

Part of this is a result of the immigrant experience and reconciling conflicting eastern and western taken-for-granted assumptions and forms of thought. Code switching depending on the environment.

But that’s another post that I will probably save as a WordPress draft and be too chicken to hit publish. (I have drafts from as far back as 7 years ago.)

The other day I came across a word that made me feel more secure, or, you could say, validated.


Which is a person who is trying to eat less meat.

I’m not a vegetarian. I’m not a guilt-free meat eater either.

I have no problem eating animals. But I’m sickened by their inhumane treatment and mass production and the impact on the environment and our bodies.

Plus more vegetables are a good thing.

So when I have the will power, I will pass on the meat. This is not very often, mind you.

But it gave me pleasure to see there is a word for me.


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