The student and the sensei

A 30-something-year-old student once asked the oracle, “O great oracle, sometimes when everything is going well, why does it feel like life sucks?”

The oracle knew immediately what was in the student’s heart.

“Well that is because you were born with remarkable drive and a specific purpose. When you are out of alignment with your purpose and potential, even a great life can seem incomplete.

“But this isn’t what you really wanted to know. You want to know how to live into your purpose and potential.

“Start talking to people who are doing what you feel called to do. Get insight on how they got there.

“Write it down. Write down every golden nugget and read it before you go to bed so you can dream about it at night.

“There is no formula. Your spirit has to meet with a revelation, something that rings inside of you and propels you forward at the ordained moment.

“Before you come into alignment, you will experience frustration and restlessness that can easily cause mental anguish and a breakdown in your communication with others.

“You’ll have a hard time projecting a warm and positive demeanor when on the inside you are pregnant and uncomfortable and you worry if your baby will come out alive. Which is to say, you worry if your path of alignment will come to be.

“This is where persistence and endurance come in. You must believe without a doubt that alignment is on its way and is your destiny.

“You must also keep dreaming and taking steps to reach your path of alignment. Do not do what you’ve done before because it won’t work. Don’t be afraid to try new things just because the old things didn’t work. Those who keep learning and doing are those who prevail.

“Position yourself to handle the discomfort of moving into a new phase of life. It is not without labor pains and the labor pains pale in comparison to being in disalignment and inertia a year from now or 5 years from now.

“Don’t forget to stop, reflect and take account of your life. Otherwise your alignment will arrive and you will have completely missed it, like a ship blowing its horn at the shore when you were too busy crying in the sand, leaving the ship to finally set sail without you.

“Now go have a drink on a patio somewhere.”

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