The Green Foresty Mountain

It was really a hill. A terrace. A terraced hill.

Every time we visited my mom’s oldest sister in Naranganam, I saw it across the little dirt road and on the other side of the field or whatever that greenery was.

You can see it in the photo below. My dream was to climb this hill, to just walk through it and see it up close after seeing it from afar for so long.

In 2009, the day came. My cousin Sabuchan took Sajan and me through it.

naranganam kerala

We trekked through the flat part first. There was chukka, papaya, kappa, plantain and rubber trees. We even got to slosh our feet through this little muddy stream as we crossed over. It felt so good.

naranganam kerala

This is Sajan after he rolled up his pants and sloshed through.

naranganam kerala

We started to get higher and higher. You can kind of tell from this picture.

naranganam kerala

This is a zoomed in shot of my uncle and cousin from their house watching us climb the hill.

naranganam kerala

This is my cousin Hebel waving at them! You can see the littler orange house in the distance.

naranganam kerala

I was so happy to finally make it up there!! We soaked in the intense humidity and the tropical air and a dream fulfilled.


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