I cut my daughter’s hair

There’s a word Sajan and I use a lot. I don’t know how to spell it.

Bougie. A derivative of bourgeois.

We make fun of people who do bougie things. We do these ourselves. Like the times we’ve gone as a family to La Madeleine or Starbucks for tea and pastries.

My parents would never have done that. What a freakin waste of money for something you could do cheaper at home.

Or when we buy Layla her own meal instead of sharing ours with her at a restaurant. She’s barely 3 and isn’t a voracious eater.

There’s a phrase we love to use on each other:

“You ain’t been broke enough.”

We were watching an interview with a sweet lady who became a couponing queen after she hit a terrible financial situation. To her, the Sunday circulars were now gold. She saved tons of money with coupons. The interviewer asked, “But what about all the time that it takes to clip and organize coupons; it’s very time intensive.”

The lady’s reply was golden: You ain’t been broke enough.

So when Sajan and I are debating about decisions that involve affordability vs. convenience/luxury, that’s the line we use on each other.

All this leads me to something I did this week.

I cut Layla’s hair myself.

kid haircut

When I was growing up, I felt like it was the norm for parents to cut their kids’ hair. Why would you waste money at the hair cut place? Hair grows back. That very same reasoning actually keeps me away from the salon. But I digress.

I think Sajan and I have turned bougie. Maybe you all knew it before we did. For Layla’s first three haircuts we went to snip-its. I never thought I would be that mom. There’s nothing wrong with getting a proper haircut for your toddler. I just thought I would be too cheap to pay $20 for a little kid’s haircut.

Well, anyway, Layla’s hair has been getting long. My mom kept bugging me to cut it myself. I don’t even notice when her hair gets long. I have this lifelong blindness to proper physical appearance. Layla goes to school with orange polka dot kitty cat socks showing through pink sequin shoes. She likes it, so it works for me.

So finally, after her bath the other day, I took out the shears. I tried to cut at a 45-degree angle and make subtle V shape with her hair. It was actually a little exhilarating and empowering. I meant to take just an inch off, but the inevitable happened, as piles of hair delicately made their way to the floor. It might have been closer to two or three inches. One side ended up shorter than the other.

Maybe it looks more edgy this way.

Or maybe next time snip-its is in the cards.


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