Baby life is awesome. (for him, I mean)


Last week was Ezra’s six-week birthday. There were no fireworks, but he did celebrate with a poop explosion. I don’t have a photo to commemorate this, but this dad was lucky enough to, so I’ll share his.

At any given moment, he’s thinking: How can I be as comfortable as possible? And he will do anything to achieve this. If he is in someone’s arms, he will immediately nuzzle his face into their elbow. His face is expressionless.

Well not really.

The expression is usually a grunt coupled with a look that says, “Mmm that’s better.” Not a sweet smiley “Mmm that’s better thank you” but more of a crinkled nose furrowed eyebrows and Jeeves-lower-lip-slightly-pursed “I demand satisfaction” type of “Mmm that’s better.”

Ezra sleeps

He fake sleeps.

If you hold him just right, he leans his head back, stretches his right arm around his head like he’s laying out at the beach and closes his eyes 90 percent of the way.

If you disturb or talk to him, you’ll see he wasn’t in any kind of deep sleep.

He looks funny in all these cute baby clothes with elephants and giraffes. A football jersey may be more fitting. I don’t even like football. But he just looks like a little football player. This kid drinks 4 ounces every 2 or 3 hours. With my first I’m lucky if she drinks that much now.

ezra and layla

This is Layla’s scheming face. “Which princess dress should I put on him when Mom’s not looking?”

He likes to be rocked or to sit in his swing during the day. He is good about sleeping in his crib at night. I hope this lasts. Our bed is at maximum capacity right now with his sister.

He used to talk with his eyes. You could see an eagerness when he wanted something. Then he started using his mouth, sticking his little tongue out. Now he smiles, moves his mouth and seems more comfortable with people. It’s like he’s saying, “I think I could get used to you guys.”

He likes to do impressions. This is his “Clark Kent taking a dump” pose.

ezra or clark kent


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