I love distractions.

Sometimes I have a mountain of work to do. I might work on the less urgent, more comfortable stuff first. And then someone comes and asks me to do something else. And I grab that lifeline because it’s one more excuse not to do the hard, most pressing stuff!

One of my goals this year needs to be to focus more. To have a laser sharp focus on the 20 percent of my work that will produce 80 percent of the results.

I was inspired by this Seth Godin post about focusing.

“You will care more about the things that aren’t working yet, you’ll push through the dip, you’ll expend effort and expose yourself to fear.

“When you have a lot of balls in the air, it’s easy to just ignore the ones that make you uncomfortable or that might fall.”

Three things that have helped me so far are:

1) Filling up my Outlook calendar with top priorities a day or even a week before.

2) Sneaking away to Starbucks to clear my head and get side projects done!

3) Jotting down ideas and thoughts and next steps in Evernote, so I can flesh them out later and get things done more quickly.

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