Traditional Credentials Are So 10 Years Ago

Vanessa Chase at The Storytelling Nonprofit recently made a confession.

She has her own business with three part-time employees and has fundraised more than $10 million for different causes.

And she just turned 26.

She says:

“…no one put up a job posting for what I currently do. I just did it. Because you are never too young or too old to say, “yes” to what you really want to do.

“…We are too often told in Western society that there is a proper way of moving into certain professions and that we are well advised to follow the beaten path.The reality is that you don’t need this validation or certification to do what it is you want to do in life. Only you need to say yes to your dreams and desires. “

In my early 20s, I had a complex about being young. I was frustrated at the things I didn’t know. I thought you had to have years of experience or letters behind your name and pay your dues before you could achieve your dreams.

Years later, that changed as I started to see people in college or barely out of college crushing this mentality.

Now, 20-somethings are starting businesses left and right. They realize they can gain the skills to succeed more quickly by venturing on their own, rather than pushing paper as a junior at a company and waiting years to use even a tenth of their true potential.

And enterprising people in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond are realizing they can start a new chapter and take control of their career, without waiting for validation by a boss or industry peers.

More people are finding a need in the market and doing something about it.

Personal finance/”rich life” expert Ramit Sethi knew that tips like “stop buying lattes” or “pinch more pennies” or “use your willpower” did little to produce real results. So he spent years perfecting techniques and processes that helped people get rich.

After building a huge following, getting results for his clients and making big bank, he still gets asked about his financial planning and counseling credentials.

He wonders if this might be the most annoying question in the world.

What does he offer up in response? Evidence of helping people. And content that shows years of research and testing.

He’s not a certified career counselor or financial planner, but his results certainly speak for themselves.

“If you believe experience and credentials are the only ways to land a dream job, you’re missing out on the entire world of people who are simply sidestepping you.   …

“The truth is, we don’t need magical credentials to get ahead. Yes, experience matters, and in some jobs, credentials really matter.

“But we all know people who defer finding a dream job until they have “all their ducks in a row” — typically $100K of grad school, maybe some worthless certification, only to find out that nobody really cares.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that scoffed at hiring MBAs, preferring people who can show they’ve got the experience, guts and endurance to meet business goals, regardless of their degrees.

So if you’re waiting for permission to put your strengths to work and start making things happen for yourself, it’s time to kick yourself in the butt and start moving!

It’s about not waiting for permission, but taking action. You’re not a clone. You’re not a slave to systems.

You find the market. You find the challenge. You offer the solution.

Sethi says:

“Just remember this: We don’t need to wait for years, praying and hoping for our boss to swoop down and grace us with ‘success.'”


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