A walk around the innards of Kozhencherry

One day, my mom’s youngest brother, Babu Uncle, took us on a walk through Kozhencherry, past all the houses and pathways he used as a kid. We started outside St. Thomas College and walked way up a hill. Up past their childhood home. It was interesting to see all the power lines and modern things that were not there way before.
st thomas college kozhencherry

We walked past a Che Guevara spray painting, a common sight.

che guevara kozhencherryIt was sundown, so we couldn’t capture the surreal beauty of everything we walked by. We even went through a wild, grassy, rocky path where there was no path, up a big hill. We shined our flashlights to not trip on the rocks and hoped there were no snakes around. And they used to walk these trails barefoot.  The site below is supposed to be korangan mala (monkey forest), where maybe a few hundred years ago there were monkeys.
monkey forest kozhencherry

We walked by a candle-lit Hindu temple.

temple candlesWe walked and walked. It was great to see the calm, residential part of Kozhencherry.


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