Many of my cousins who I don’t normally get to see often all happened to be in Kerala for the housewarming of my cousins Sajanchan and Ligychechi. They built a grand beautiful house for their visits back home from the Middle East. Above is the house at night with a tent in front for the party to come. It started with a prayer meeting.


Then the pala kacha where you turn on the stove for the first time and heat up some milk for some chaya. In this case, a little fire was lit. The house has an old-school chimney like this, and a real-deal stove in a separate kitchen.


The family took nice group photos before the festivities began.IMG_3249

This is a few of the ladies hanging out in the master bedroom, including my mom’s two older sisters and my cousins.


Here’s some family fun happening in the sit-out.India2013-45 IMG_3344

Did you notice the basket-weave well? It’s the latest style and pretty eye-catching. Apparently, cup and saucer style wells are all the rage, too. There’s plenty of gravelly space to hang out and chat even beyond the sit-out.IMG_3340


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