Day Trip to a Palace and Beach

One day in Kerala, we all left the house ready for an adventure. Somewhere near Ernakalum, after a few hours of driving, we stopped for breakfast. Sajan ordered masala dosa, which Layla thought was pizza.
masala dosa kerala masala dosa kerala

I had idli appam. Thank God, this place had a playground for kids! Layla had a good ole time after eating two bites of food.somewhere near ernakalum

Next, we arrived at our first destination, Hill Palace in Tripunithura. There was an interminable set of stairs, which reminded me of the Scala Sancta in Rome, a holy set of stairs where you’re supposed walk up on your knees the whole way. Thankfully, this was not a holy set of stairs. We walked on our feet. We noticed lots of barefoot school kids and wondered where their shoes were.palace

Then we got to the top and realized everyone must take their shoes off before going into the palace. The interior was beautiful, with artifacts and paintings from old Kerala kings and kingdoms. It was a place of luxury from the past. I enjoyed learning some history. There was even a set of old Hebrew scripture scrolls. Too bad they don’t let you take any pictures.India2013-83 India2013-84

There were deer and other animals in a little animal sanctuary.
India2013-88 India2013-90

Then we wandered through an old temple area, with a beautiful bathing spot the royal women used to frequent.hill palace baths

After exploring the Hill Palace grounds, we knew the sun was about to set. We drove an hour and a half to a beach, got our feet wet, and watched the sun descend. Then with sandy toes, we drank some chaya and headed home.



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