Hungry for Breakfast? Look No Further Than The Backyard (Kerala: Day 1 & 2)

After 18 hours of flight  and a 3-hour car ride, we were happy to arrive at my uncle’s house in Kozhencherry.  The first thing you feel when you walk off the plane into the airport is the humidity magically materializing between your clothes and your skin. I always look forward to the smell of a distant small fire, too. The sun rose on our drive from the airport, and it was morning.

house kerala

The next day for breakfast. My cousin Sajanchan went to the yard and grabbed a couple banana leaves.
grabbing a banana leaf - kerala

Then he went to the coconut tree, to coerce some coconuts to the ground with a big stick.

shaking coconuts from the tree - keralaMeanwhile, his wife Ligychechi prepares and kneads a rice flour mixture.

rice flour ball - keralaPress it down on a banana leaf, sprinkle some freshly shredded coconuts and BAM!

appam in banana leaf - keralaThis is Layla enjoying her breakfast.

eating breakfast steamed banana leaf appam - keralaAnd of course, we topped it off with some good ole backyard bananas.

baby bananas - keralaYou can read more about our trip on Sajan’s blog.

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  1. Pokie says:

    I have had that and they are sooo good.

    Layla is a cutie pie!!!!!!

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