the last drips of chocolate on the plastic wrapper

the last drips of chocolate on the plastic wrapper

Today, a local cafe enabled my sugar/chocolate obsession. I walked away with a large chocolate chunk cookie. You can see the remains of it above.

Something you may not know about me is that when I finish a cookie, I’m not really finished.

You see, I need to lick every. last. piece. of chocolate on that wrapper. It’s perfectly good chocolate that shouldn’t go to waste.

Even when I go out for sushi, when everyone else is done, I’m still picking up every last piece of rice on my plate. And then off of everyone else’s plate.

I constantly suffer from food envy. As much as I like the food I order somewhere or the food I bring somewhere for lunch, I can’t help but admire my neighbor’s food. I’m working on looking disinterested, so people feel less compelled to share with me. (And less uncomfortable with my drooling stare!)

this is me.

this is me.


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