Sweets on Layla’s Birthday

Back in August, I told Layla her birthday was coming and asked if she wanted a Mickey Mouse party.

Her eyes lit up.

She had been to other parties and watched other kids blow candles on their own cakes, and this was the moment Layla realized that she, too, would have her own candle-blowing moment of glory.

Layla doesn’t know the difference between an hour, a day or a week. So for the next month she asked frequently about her Mickey Mouse party and wondered what the holdup was.

She even prepared by watching YouTube videos of kids blowing birthday candles.

The week of her birthday was busy for Sajan and me, so we had little time for prep other than a quick evening of decor and grocery shopping.

We woke up at 6, and the baking extravaganza began!

sour cream coffee cake

Moist sour cream coffee cake glittering with pecan topping and filling and a buttery powdered sugar glaze.


chocolate sour cream coffee cake and white cake

Minnie Mouse birthday cake (layers of chocolate and white cake inside) with strawberry frosting and raspberries.


mouse-eared chocolate sour cream bundt cakes and cupcakes

Mouse-eared bundlets and cupcakes.


You can read more about the birthday weekend on Sajan’s blog.


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