A weekend in August

The weekend started with Shakespeare and ended with a whole buncha cooking.



We met our friends Tim and Jessica for Shakespeare in the park at Miller outdoor Theater. It felt great to sit in the fresh air and hang out with other Houstonians enjoying the day.

Then we hit up Burger Palace for dinner.

burger palace on sage

On Saturday, we visited our cousins Wes and Kasey for outdoor water play and lunch.

lunch with cousins


Then we gymboreed at CJs bday party.

What I cooked today:

  • Mushroom cilantro cheese omelets in the mini muffin tin (for quick breakfast)
  • Baked chicken cordon bleu (dinner)
  • Pan fry burger patties with sautéed mushrooms (lunch)
  • Padavalanga thoran (lunch)

chopping coconut

Slice and chop padavalanga and coconut. Steam.
Cook onions and kariapala. Add cayenne and spices.
Mix em up. Add some cream. Throw in some chopped mushrooms. The end.


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