Layla’s first trip to the library

Sometimes when I need to get things done, I have a “bad mom moment” and hand Layla my iPad, knowing that YouTube videos and the occasional Elmo game will occupy her for the next two hours.

On Thursday it was time to redeem myself. Layla made her first trip to the local library. This is great because she gets tired of the same books. Now we can switch them out, and she can occupy herself with new books when I need a break.

So during our first visit, Layla pulled out a Dora and an Arthur book and headed straight to a chair to start reading.


She loved the computers and the giant red stuffed Clifford dog in the kids’ section.

I picked up some books on home organizing and one called “Waiter’s Rant” about the restaurant industry.

There is a beautiful lake/park with a swinging bench just walking distance from the library. And it was a nice breezy day. But instead we found ourselves at Monster Dessert Bar with a molten chocolate lava cake. Sajan had a meeting but soon met us up.

Fun place to hang out!



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