A weekend in Austin

It was the summer after my freshman year of high school. I was 15 and spent two of the best weeks of my life at … wait for it … debate camp in Austin.

Oddly enough, I’ve visited Austin since then, but I never stepped foot on the UT campus again until this past Friday. 14 years later!


The memories came flooding back. My roommate and I had stayed in The Castilian, room 1921. The view was breathtaking. Through the wall to wall window at night you could see hills and trees and the lovely landscape of Austin lit by moving cars trailing around.

My unforgettable roommate Lis would read 19th century poetry aloud as I fell asleep. These two weeks totally redefined what music and literature I would enjoy.
Every morning we would eat breakfast at Einstein’s. I would have a cinnamon sugar bagel with a honey walnut schmear.

As I walked through Guadalupe Street Friday , so much had changed. Tower Records was gone but Einstein’s was still there. I met up my friend Avraham and we had coffee/tea from a place next door to Einstein’s.


There was no room to sit, so we sat on some steps outside a church and people-watched at the intersection while catching up.

Soon, Sajan and Layla arrived from Houston on the Megabus at Dobie Center. I was so excited to see them and ready to start our weekend together.

We stayed with our friends Aaron and Nancy and their dog Zoe, who happens to be my favorite dog in the world.


We also had some fine burgers at our friends Samir and Mindy’s house with their toddler Rizah.


water time

You can read the fine details of the weekend on Sajan’s blog. We love Austin and relished the weekend away and the chance to bond with old friends.



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