A Lot Happens in 5 Years

Happy 5th Anniversary to my honeydew mango blossom, Sajan.

This was us three years ago.


And we’re still happy as ever!

On our one-year anniversary we made a little road trip to San Antonio.

Year two, we ate at Perry’s Steakhouse.

Year three, somehow I was with my brother and Sajan had dinner with our friend Liz.

Last year, we were snuggling with our 7-month-old baby, and this year we’ll be at my dear friend Sonal’s wedding.

A walk down WordPress lane shows some interesting memories:

I remember when we were 6 months married I thought it was a milestone. Five years makes us marriage veterans!

This is us almost one year before tying the knot. At TCBY in Rice Village when I was 23 and Sajan was 25.

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  1. blessy says:

    you guys are two of my favorites. here to another happy 5 years. ps hi layla!

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