Facebook’s Timeline is the Scrapbook of My Life

If who I was wasn’t recorded somewhere I would forget who I was.

Sometimes I search my old gmail chats or hotmail/yahoo emails from years ago. Conversations reveal a carefree, engaging me. They reveal rich relationships.

Sometimes I forget how close I was to certain people.

I forget how amazing a time period was. I forget that I really did accomplish things.

When it’s all written down or pictured or laid out before me, I see it and remember again. The blur of my memory is comforted by the record of what really happened.

And that’s why I like the Facebook timeline.

Remembering who I was helps me realize what I can take with me as I build who I’m going to be.


One thought on “Facebook’s Timeline is the Scrapbook of My Life

  1. What an awesome post. Sometimes we do forget to look back and remember where we came from. If we look at the struggles we went through and conquered or the victories we had, it’s a lot easier to face new challenges. We spend so much time worrying whether we can do it or not. We’ll see that we already faced something even more challenging and made it through.

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