Layla’s 1-Month Birthday Story

Saturday was Layla’s 1-month birthday.  Little did we know we would be celebrating in the hospital with our little one recovering from surgery.

On Friday morning I’d secured a last minute appointment with her pediatrician to look into her persistent vomiting after feedings. An ultrasound showed the culprit was pyloric stenosis. This meant the opening to her stomach was too small for food to stay down, which happens to a few out of every thousand babies. Immediate surgery was the only option, and it would fix the problem permanently. The doctor reassured us it would be a quick 20-minute procedure that babies bounce back from in a matter of hours.

We headed to Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus. Although we worried about our tiny baby undergoing this procedure, I felt good that we had access to the best doctors in the world. 

Layla did a great job through her pyloromyotomy, and we were out of the hospital in 24 hours and back home by 7 p.m. Saturday.


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