Camera Nerds, Rejoice: DSLRs for Your Pocket

Time to put your old, bulky cameras away

If you like cheesy videos, you’ll love this one. It’s a 2-minute review of the latest near-DSLR quality cameras with pocket-size bodies that won’t leave you looking like a tourist.

Watch the video review now.

I hesitated for years in buying a digital SLR camera because face it — who wants to lug one of those things around everywhere? A small point-and-shoot Canon can take decent pictures much of the time.

Until you’re in low-light locations, around moving people or want the ability to fine-tune your camera settings.

Thank goodness for these new premium compact cameras.

Canon S95: F/2.0 lens lets in more light. Use “Wink” shot to take a timerless self-portrait.
Panasonic Lumix LX5: F/2.0 lens, big sensor, fast.
Samsung TL500: can zoom while you film video, wider lens, LCD swings around for more shooting options.

The sensor on these cameras isn’t as big as a DSLR, but it’s 50 percent bigger than a point-and-shoot. You can’t beat the quality and control of a DSLR, but if you want to take casual, quality photos on the go, here’s your answer.

Price point: $400s

Photo credits: captkodak & sarabeephoto


2 thoughts on “Camera Nerds, Rejoice: DSLRs for Your Pocket

  1. I know it. at times it’s awkward pulling out a camera the size of my face to take a picture. I think it freaks people out to see a pro-camera focused on them, paparazzi phobia maybe.

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